Our Vision

The vision of Veez is to build & offer structured product offerings and thereby making the Investment terms easy for its valued clients. Delivering smarter solutions for a secure tomorrow is the ethos of our firm.

Our Mission

Our motto of “Relationship beyond Investments” has helped us to build focused growth which is purely based on trust, customer satisfaction and continuous value creation for all our stake holders. Putting our clients first is a principle we adhere to. At Veez we understand the value of your money and thus we offer investments which are specifically designed to meet your financial goals. We not only win clients but build Relationships beyond Investment.


Our journey in 2012 began with an idea of creating a platform offering Investment services which went on to become a passion for the team, to innovate need based investment products for our venerate clients and help build a durable portfolio for them that addresses all their financial needs. When it comes to value creation for customers, it is something that we strongly strive for in all our endeavors. We are committed to equip our customers with continuous, long-term improvements and value-additions to meet their expectations. Over the years, our Resilience has seen us grow from strength to strength, setting new benchmarks in the process. But to us, what really matters the most is, winning the trust of our clients.

Corporate Governance

We at Veez realize the importance of corporate governance and seek to implement the best method for the same. We strongly believe that we have an obligation or duty as corporate entities, towards all our stakeholders, employees, customers, vendors, business partners, authorities, and society at large. We aim to strike the right balance between minimizing business risks while composing an attempt to maximize business growth.

Corporate Governance at Veez is based on the following main principles :

  1. Timely and strict compliance to all established rules, regulations and guidelines.
  2. Building sound system of risk management and internal control.
  3. Timely and balanced disclosure and communication of all material information to all stakeholders.
  4. Transparency and accountability in all practices.
  5. Fair and equitable treatment of all its stakeholders including employees, associates, customers & community.


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