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Systematic Investment Plan [ Sip ]

When you get your morning Chai, do you gulp it down? That is because you like it hot, you don’t drink it down in a go but SIP it slowly. Sip by Sip you feel the taste and get the full satisfaction of your tea. Just think of your investment in Mutual Fund through small sips, or monthly instalments, which are in market parlance called “Systematic Investment Plan” (SIP).
SIP helps put small affordable amount of money (in other words affordable amount of risk) in equities at a different rate each month so that you get what’s is called a ‘Rupee Cost Average’.
Simply put, stop worrying about the price of your stocks / portfolio and rather focus on accumulating at all levels but at the same date at a fixed periodicity. This helps avoid emotion while buying or selling and helps focus on simply building a good corpus for your future goals. SIPs come in all shapes and sizes depending on what’s your risk appetite and how much can you afford to put. It can be started with as low as 1000 per month or as high as 10 Lacs per month also.

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